BUSY. Yep, that’s it. Four little letters that have huge impact on our lives! And B-U-S-Y usually = little or NO F-U-N!

“Let’s go to the park.”   “Oh, I can’t. I’m too busy.”

“Can you help me with this project?”  “Sorry, just too busy.”

“I need a volunteer.”  “Life’s just too busy.”

Our to-do’s seem to always out-weigh the time we have to do them…both personally and professionally! So what’s a body to do??

Well…get busy! Yep, you heard me!

Get busy taking stock of the tools you have and how you use them. And by tools, I’m talking about the knowledge you currently have, your very unique personality, and the technology you have at hand. These are things you already have so it won’t cost you any more to get them. It may very well cost you a great deal if you aren’t leveraging them all so they work in your favor!

Let me explain: I am an office administrator by day, teach performing arts classes by night, and I am a parent. You could say my life is “busy” (and I would say that’s an understatement). I keep all the necessary balls in the air because, by nature, I am driven and organized and very good at seeing the big picture. Keeping track of all the details involved in each area requires me to plan and be organized.

Fortunately for me, a lot of the technology I use as an office administrator can be used across the board to help me in other areas of my life. One of my favorite applications right now is OneNote by Microsoft! This application is an organization nut’s dream! I use OneNote for its organizational qualities…keeping track of histories, notes, any type of information needed for vendors, projects, to-do lists, etc. (both professionally and personally).

Trading on its collaborative capabilities via OneDrive, OneNote improves communication by keeping everyone “on the same page” (pun intended). Our office uses a OneNote notebook for meeting minutes, project details (pictures, documents, emails, web clips), and planning collaboration. With my students, I post their music, scripts or notes in a notebook and then invite them to have access to this material. Just in case I need to spell it out…this saves time, energy and money! Sure, it takes a bit of effort to get it started, but it’s worth it!

OneNote works for me because it speaks to my love of having things organized, but, yet, gives me enough creative ability in how I set it up and use it to appease my creative side as well! But ultimately, my love for OneNote lies in the fact that it saves me TIME (another four letter word – but one that is precious)!

OneNote is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite or you can download a free version at  If you have OneNote and want to learn to use it as effectively and efficiently as possible, check out our classes at  It won’t stop the scourge of BUSY, but it can certainly help slow it down! And you might just find a little fun along the way!