BUSY. Yep, that’s it. Four little letters that have huge impact on our lives! And B-U-S-Y usually = little or NO F-U-N! “Let’s go to the park.”   “Oh, I can’t. I’m too busy.” “Can you help me with this project?”  “Sorry, just too busy.” “I need a volunteer.”  “Life’s just too busy.” Our to-do’s seem … Continue reading THE NEW FOUR LETTER WORD!!

The Front Porch

It’s springtime! Here in the southern United States, the weather’s warming up…sort of.  The flowers and trees are budding…and the pollen has cast a light yellow tint as far as the eye can see. On Saturday mornings, you hear the sounds of lawnmowers and soccer games, and see folks sitting on their front porches speaking … Continue reading The Front Porch